Beijing, My Love

My love for Beijing is like the deep love for a person. Living in Beijing means you will experience various tastes of life.

What’s China really like in the eyes of foreigners? Which parts of Chinese culture are the most attractive? What are their personal experiences while learning Chinese language? Are there any touching stories that happened to them during their stay in China? You will find the answers here. After reading the following stories, don’t you have the desire to pick up your pen and put down something in Chinese about things around you?


Valentina Liberatore
Student from Italy currently studying in China.

Everyone has a dream during their childhood. Some people dream of being a doctor, some dream of traveling to the moon, some dream of being a pilot, while I dreamed of coming to Beijing, China when I was a child. I can not forget the moment of 12:30 p.m. on July 18, 2004 when my dream came to true. I was so excited that my hands were trembling when the airplane landed at the Beijing International Airport. At that moment, I felt that I had fulfilled the wish of my life. In Beijing, I acquired many experiences and good opportunities, and I also made great friends. The moment I set my feet on this land, I knew I could not leave her behind. I have been living in Beijing for four years, and I regard her as my second hometown.

I have been to many other places in the world, but I have never felt the same way as I feel about Beijing. For me, Beijing is characterized with the international atmosphere, which is also the part that attracts me the most. During my stay in Beijing, I made acquaintance with people from many different countries. I find they have their own characteristics and ways of expression, which is really an eye-opener for me. I have had my horizon expanded by living in China, such a rapidly-advancing country. This is the best gift Beijing has given me.

The local people are very nice. I remember the day when it rained cats and dogs. I was all wet on my way to class. Unluckily, no bus or taxi was available at that time. A black car stopped by me when I was at a loss as to what to do. The driver asked where I was heading. I told him the name of my university. He said he was driving the same way and then offered me a ride. At first I was a little worried because I did not know him, nor did I know if he was a good guy. But he turned out to be a very nice guy. He drove me to my destination and refused any charge. Even today, when I recall that rainy day, I will smile from the bottom of my heart and feel thankful to that Chinese man.

My love for Beijing is like the deep love for a person. When you love someone, your feeling is a mixture of bitterness and sweetness. Living in Beijing means you will experience various tastes of life. When I am out of Beijing, I will miss her the same way I miss the person I love, which makes me uncomfortable, just like trying to live without oxygen. I hope the day of my departure will never come because I enjoy being in this city. If I had to leave her one day, it would be like the separation of two lovers. The more you enjoy yourself, the sadder you would feel when you have to leave.


Published in Confucius Institute Magazine
Magazine 02. Volume II. May 2009.

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