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Chinese Class 11

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Chinese Class 11

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Chinese Class 11


Mencius’s mother moving home three times


Mencius was a famous scholar in ancient China. It was said that when he was small, his home was located near the cemetery and he used to pretend to be a funeral director for fun. Noticing this, his mother decided: “This is not a good place to raise children.” So she moved house next to a market. There his son learned about doing business and how to slaughter animals. She again felt that it was not a proper environment for children and moved again to be near a school. It was here that Mencius learned about etiquette and grew to be knowledgeable and sensible. Finally, Mencius’s mother was satisfied, “This is the place where a child should grow up.” And they settled there.

First recorded in as early as the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC – 9 AD), this story has been interpreted as an example to show the importance of the role of the environment for a person’s growth and the great pains taken by parents to create such a good environment.


pdfPublished in Confucius Institute Magazine.
Number 37. Volume II. March 2015.
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