Chinese Class 17: Crossword, jokes, connections, hot words

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Chinese Class 17. Improve every week your Chinese skills with two pages of tests, quizzes and crosswords. Download the exercises and their solutions in PDF and print and solve them at your own pace.

chinese class

Chinese Class. Page 1

Crossword / Jokes

Chinese class 17

Chinese Class. Page 2

Hotwords / Connections

Chinese class 17


神锋精雷 leí fēng jīng shén


it’s named after Lei Feng, advocating the dedication spirit of serving the people wholeheartedly. His life appears short, but he helps numerous people, becoming a role model and example of people.


记者在路边采访一位老奶奶。 记者问:“您对在城市燃放鞭炮这个问题怎么看啊?” 老奶奶:“我还能怎么看啊?就是趴窗户上看呗。”

Confucius Institute Magazine 20

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Magazine 20. Volume 3. May 2012.
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