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Chinese Class 26: 2014. Year of the Horse.

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Chinese Idioms Story

Bole Judging a Horse

In 600 BC during the Spring and Autumn period, there was a man called Sun Yang who was an expert in judging horses. People called him Bole, the name of an immortal who was in charge of steeds in the heaven.

Upon the request of the Duke of Chu, Bole looked for a superior horse which could gallop 1000 li (500 km) in a single day. He went to several states known for their good horses, but none had a swift horse. One day, Bole saw a horse pulling a cart with effort on a steep slope. His intimacy with horses drew him close to the horse. The horse, noticing Bole’s approach, raised its head high, kept its eyes wide open and neighed. Upon hearing the long neigh, Bole immediately knew that the horse was a rare steed.

Hence, Bole said to the carter: “Your horse is a rare steed. It can do more than pull a cart. Why don’t you sell it to me?” The carter agreed without hesitation, believing Bole to be a fool.

Bole brought the horse to the state of Chu. Having been well fed and kindly treated, the horse grew strong and accompanied the Duke of Chu onto the battlefields and became known for its worth. Since then, the name Bole has been used to refer to a person who has an eye for talent.

Confucius Institute Magazine 31

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Number 31. Volume II. March 2014.
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