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Chongqing, a city with a long history, is full of vitality and experiencing rapid economic development. As one of the key cities of the “Belt and Road”‘ region, it is the economic center in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. In 2015, 6.432 international students from 143 countries around the world studied at 18 universities in Chongqing.

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Gao Yanqun
本刊记者 高燕群
Chongqing, a city with a long history, is full of vitality and experiencing rapid economic development. As one of the key cities of the “Belt and Road” region, it is the economic center in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. In 2015, 6.432 international students from 143 countries around the world studied at 18 universities in Chongqing. The students here are hard-working and energetic. And among them quite a few have received first, second and third prizes in Chinese Bridge proficiency competitions.

Chongqing University

By Vita Manggaribe (Indonesian, Chongqing University School of International Education).
Illustrated by Gabi Valeva (Bulgarian, Chongqing University School of Journalism and Communication)

We are from different parts of the world, and have become friends here thanks to this beautiful university in China, which we both have chosen to apply to. Here we learn to read and write Chinese, play soccer, and make many new acquaintances. What a blessing it is to have the most patient teachers, the renowned spicy food, and the most beautiful girls in all of China. Let me show you what an amazing life an international student at Chongqing University may enjoy!

Chongqing University

Chongqing University

Emeline (French, Chongqing University School of International Education)

All of us love Ms Long’s lectures because we can gain a lot of practical knowledge from them. At this particular lecture she is teaching us the proper way to address a letter, how to express each item, the right place to put it, and so on. There are many rules for me to memorize, hut I have learned them with great enthusiasm because I’m eager to write to my Chinese friends.

Chongqing University

Chongqing University

Our soccer team:

We take part in a rich variety of extracurricular activities. With the help of our school, we got together a soccer team. We love to play soccer with students from other countries, to become acquainted with them, and to learn about each other’s cultures. We also love to play soccer with our Chinese friends because we can practise our Chinese with them. Here Chinese is our common language.


Chongqing University

Vita Manggaribet (Indonesian, Chongqing University School of International Education)

Chongqing University boasts an enormous library with a very rich collection of books. Here you may read all kinds of materials from all over the world. At first it was a hit difficult for me to get to know my way around it, but with the help of my Chinese friends, eventually I became fairly knowledgeable about this amazing library.

Chongqing University

Andy Mahamaro (Malagasy, Chongqing University School of Economics and Business Administration)

Not only has my Ghinese improved as a result of my studying in China, but Tm also a better cook now. Whenever I get homesick,I’ll do some cooking. It’s also nice to show to my girlfriend what a good cook I am, and ifs very satisfying to see her amazed by my cooking. Now I have got the confidence to cook for my Chinese friends, so I can let them have a taste of Malagasy dishes.

Chongqing University

Stefan Jovanovic (Serbian, Chongqing University Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning)

I like the cafeteria of Chongqing University, especially malatang (vegetables first boiled in broth and then served with spicy sauce, kind of a simplified version of hot pot). There is a greater variety of vegetables here in Chongqing than in Serbia, but I personally feel that this dish is a bit oily. The regulation here says that if you are a native here, you can have only one meal at the cafeteria per day, which usually means lunch; if you’re not a native, you can have all three meals at the cafeteria.

Chongqing University

Gabby Surman(Seychellois, Chongqing University Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning)

Wherever I am, I will continue to do body-building exercises. I believe the prerequisite for efficient study is a healthy body. At the same time, I may be able to meet new Chinese friends. I’d like to become the kind of muscular man most young men aspire to.

Chongqing – A paradise for food. A glimpse of Southwest University

By Luo Junyong (Thai Southwest University College of Economics and Management)
Illustrated by Huang Liling (Thai. Southwest University International College)
Zheng Yingying (Thai, Southwest University College of Economics and Management)

At the mention of Chongqing, what comes to your mind first? Apart from the picturesque scenery and beautiful sexy girls, you would surely associate it with its rich variety of food. Let’s go there and see what delicious food we can find near our campus.


1. Soup noodles

@ 168 Soup Dumplings, Gate No. 2, Southwest University

When you visit Chongqing, make sure that you have a taste of the soup noodles known as xiao mian “little noodles” here, which are extraordinary for their spiciness. It’s actually a breakfast restaurant. Every time I eat here, I’ll order a bowl of xiao mian and a steamer of baozi filled with soy-sauce-marinated pork. It’s phenomenal! Come and try it!


2. Hot pot

@ Qi Long Hot Pot, Gate No. 5, Southwest University

I had hot pot on the first day of my arrival in Chongqing. At first I didn’t dare to try the red broth, because it looked so spicy and oily. So I started with plain broth. At the recommendation of my classmates, who were particularly fond of the red broth, I began to take to it. I tried it at several restaurants, and found that this one is the best for its rich variety of vegetables, quality meat, and, in particular, its authentic broth.


3. Cask Fish

@ Zhenghong Cask Fish, No. 9 Goodies Street

If you love fish, don^ miss this place. Not only is the fish here very fresh, itss also very nutritious. If you drizzle the tomato and vegetable broth on the piping hot pieces of fish, it’s absolutely amazing. After you’re done the fish, you can put other food in the broth to boil before eating it, kind of like hot pot.



@ Zhengzong Teppanyaki, Gourmet Town, Southwest University

Gourmet Town is very well known at Southwest University, because here you may find dozens of restaurants serving nice food. The prices are reasonable, and the food particularly appealing to the tastes of international students. There is one restaurant that specializes in Teppanyaki. It is very enticing for its mouth-watering taste and diversity of meat and vegetables. What’s more, sparerib rice porridge and the silver ear fungus (also known as snow fungus) soup are available for free.


5. Big-plate chicken

@ Xinjiang Big-Plate Chicken, Gate No. 2, Southwest University

Wow, what a big plate! Every time I invite my expatriate friends to dine here, they will exclaim at the huge size of the plate, on which you may find chopped pieces of chicken, potatoes, onions, noodles made of potato starch, and lots of other ingredients. Every time we finish the chicken and vegetables, the waiter will put a plate of fresh hand-made noodles in the soup. What a fabulous taste!


6. Chicken casserole

@ Chongqing Chicken Casserole, Gate No.2, Southwest University

This dish features chicken and a secret-recipe sauce. You can also put in some vegetables. Then tell the waiter if you want it not spice, slightly spicy, medium spicy, extremely spicy, or “numbingly” spicy.


7. Sushi

@ Chihiro Sushi Restaurant, Gate No. 2, Southwest University

You may find authentic Japanese food here, including fresh salmon, various kinds of sushi, and ramen in pork bone soup. Japanese beer is also available here. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

I’m sure you must be very hungry now. What I have introduced here is just a small portion of the delicacies found around our university campus,with a lot more that I didn’t have space for. There will always be one dish that will satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds. Don’t hesitate, come join us in Chongqing for the great food!


Published in Confucius Institute Magazine
Magazine 44. Volume 3. May 2016.


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