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Confucius Institute is a network of public nonprofit centers that promote the knowledge of Chinese culture and language throughout the world. Their tasks include language teaching, teacher training and the promotion of activities and educational exchanges.

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The Confucius Institute is an institution created to promote Chinese language teaching, teacher training and the promotion of activities and educational exchanges. Founded by Hanbanthe Confucius Institute Headquarters and the Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, affiliated to the Chinese Ministry of Education, it has its headquarters in Beijing and is present on five continents. In just ten years 475 new Confucius Institutes and 751 Confucius Classrooms have been established in 126 countries and regions, During these years the Chinese economy and cultural and trade with the world has accelerated and the demand for education in the Chinese language is in full bloom.

Headquarters and Confucius classrooms adopt a flexible teaching method that adapts to local characteristics to date teaching in promoting the Chinese language and culture in primary schools, secondary schools, universities and foreign companies. Although each has a separate program centers, all usually offer courses at all levels, manage scholarships to study in China and facilitate the possibility of studying masters or doctoral degrees in universities of China. They also perform the official examinations of Chinese HSK (adults) and YCT (children and youth), plus oral levels (HSKK). His academic work is complemented by a rich cultural program related to Chinese culture: celebrations such as Chinese New Year, the Mid-Autumn Festival; Exhibitions, meetings with writers and scientists, film festivals, concerts, traditional Chinese dances, concerts, lectures, poetry readings, Chinese calligraphy demonstrations or activities aimed at children.

Network of centers in the USA, United Kingdom, Ireland and Commonwealth countries:

Australia (13):

  • Confucius Institute at the University of Western Australia
  • Confucius Institute at the University of Melbourne
  • Confucius Institute in Adelaide
  • Confucius Institue at the University of Queensland
  • Confucius Institute at Queensland University of Technology
  • Confucius Institute at the University of Sydney
  • Confucius Institute at the University of New South Wales
  • Confucius Institute at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • Confucius Institute at the University of Newcastle
  • Confucius Institute at Bangor University
  • Confucius Institute at Charles Darwin University
  • Confucius Institute at the State of New South Wales

Bahamas (1):

  • Confucius I. at the College of The Bahamas

Bangladesh (1):

  • Confucius I. at North South University

Botswana (1):

Cameroon (1):

  • Confucius I. at the University of Yaounde Ⅱ

Canada (13):

  • Confucius I. at University of Regina
  • Confucius I. at BCIT
  • Confucius I. in Coquitlam
  • Confucius I. at the University of Waterloo
  • Confucius I. in Quebec
  • Confucius I. in New Brunswick
  • Confucius I. in Edmonton
  • Confucius I. at Brock University
  • Confucius I. at Carleton University
  • Confucius I. at Saint Mary’s University
  • Confucius I. at Seneca College
  • Confucius I. at University of Saskatchewan
  • Confucius I. of Toronto

Fiji (1):

  • Confucius I. at South Pacific University

Ghana (1):

  • Confucius I. at the University of Ghana

Guyana (1):

  • Confucius I. at the University of Guyana

Ireland (2):

India (2):

Jamaica (1):

Kenya (4):

Malaysia (1):

Malta (1):

Mozambique (1):

Namibia (1):

New Zealand (3):

Nigeria (2):

Pakistan (3):

Rwanda (1):

Sierra Leone (1):

Singapore (1):

Sri Lanka (1):

Sudáfrica (5):

Tanzania (1):

Trinidad and Tobage (1):

Uganda (1):

United Kingdom (25):

USA (97):

Zambia (1):

Zimbabwe (1)

(Non Commonwealth country)


Confucius Institute Magazine English edition

Bilingual Confucius Institute Magazines were created to disseminate information concerning the Chinese language, culture and historical heritage. Since the first printed edition in 2009 and the first online edition in 2012, the magazine has offered a broad selection of articles about travel, nature, philosophy, anthropology, art, history, language or celebrities, supported with vibrant images and an elegant design.

Confucius Institute Magazine
Confucius Institute Magazine’s App

In the academic field, the magazine contains specific information for students and teachers on the teaching of Chinese language as well as news on the activity of the Confucius Institute and its centers worldwide. The magazine reports are often used as teaching material in classrooms because of their grammatical value as well as their cultural richness. The web edition offers weekly updates of its content, giving access to the large archive of relevant topics on Chinese culture and language.

The printed magazine is distributed at centers, but may be read at any computer through the web or download it to any mobile device via an app available in App Store and Google Play.


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