Nothing is Impossible to a Willing Heart

In my study, I haven’t achieved very good scores. But this will not defeat me and I will not take my eyes off my goal. I keep the words of my father in mind – “Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.”

What’s China really like in the eyes of foreigners? Which parts of Chinese culture are the most attractive? What are their personal experiences while learning Chinese language? Are there any touching stories that happened to them during their stay in China? You will find the answers here. After reading the following stories, don’t you have the desire to pick up your pen and put down something in Chinese about things around you?

Xie Qiaomei
A Cambodian student in China

At 7:55 a.m. on September 15, 2007, I boarded a China Southern Airlines airplane. Looking out of the window, I saw the sea of clouds passing by, which told me I was leaving Cambodia for China.

China is the perfect place to learn Chinese because it is the homeland of the Chinese language and culture. I knew the opportunity to live in China would help me learn more about China’s modern cultures, have further understanding of the local life and have chances to make friends with the Chinese people. But I still felt sad when I left my home and came to a strange land on my own. However, when I remembered this was where I had been dreaming to study, my sadness gradually disappeared just like a fire put out by a downpour.

Time flew by faster than I realized. That day has become a bygone memory which could not be reversed. I have learned so much in the past year. I felt like novice, whether in study, in life, in friendship or in dealing with others, because what I have acquired in China were things I hadn’t gotten around learning in my homeland. Living in China means I have to live with people from different countries, of different races, with different religions and people of different character. It seemed interesting at first but after a while these differences also brought me some unwanted troubles and quarrels. However, regardless of troubles or quarrels, I believe we can disperse them with laughter as long as we face them and overcome them together.

In my study, I haven’t achieved very good scores. The grades of all classes failed to reach the goals I set for myself, which is really disappointing. But this will not defeat me and I will not take my eyes off my goal. On the contrary, I am stimulated by the frustration. I keep the words of my father in mind – “Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.” Therefore I am determined to work harder than before and strive for better grades so that my father and my family can be happy and proud of my efforts.

During the past summer vacation, I relieved myself from the study and psychological burden, just like a kind person puts a stranded fish back into the water where it belongs. There the fish enjoys its life, free of worry and care, and ready to accept either the beauty or harshness of nature. It is time to make more arduous efforts. This also indicates I am not inexperienced. I believe I can take care of everything that happens to me in this new chapter, whether in study or in life. I can accomplish it with a smile, because “Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.”


Published in Confucius Institute Magazine
Magazine 02. Volume II. May 2009.


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