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Chinese philosophy

Mr. Xu Jialu’s Speech at Confucius Institute at University College Dublin, Ireland: "Unlike Western medicine that is considered as medical science only, traditional Chinese medicine includes Chinese philosophy, somatology, environmental science, astronomy, meteorology, mineralogy, botany, and humanities, and it also takes account of human soul, mood, and ethics".
woodblock printing

As one of the four great inventions in China, woodblock printing is the earliest printing in the world. It has long been a disputable issue when it comes the time when it was invented. Most experts argued that it could be traced back to the Sui and Tang Dynasties between ...
History of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The traditional Chinese medicine has a history of thousands of years, which is unprecedented in the world' s history of medicine. China boasts a large storage of ancient medical books and countless prestigious medical practitioners, which is also a rare phenomenon in the world.

Many Confucian scholars decided to be a physician if they were not provided with the opportunity to become a government official. The Taoist school of thought believes in following nature is fundamental to maintaining good health and the Buddha says, “I am like a good physician who knows how to ...
Chinese Bridge

“Chinese Bridge” —Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students—, is more than only a competition; it is a platform for youngsters worldwide who love Chinese language and culture to communicate with and learn from each other.

Wudang Mountain is said to be the place where the Zhenwu Grand Emperor prac­ticed Taoism and became an immortal, and is revered as the “No. 1 celestial moun­tain in the world with un­matched sceneries”. Over the past centuries, the mountain has been a tour­ist attraction shrouded in mystery as the ...

Breakfast is named as “Guo Zao” in Wuhan and hot dry noodle is the most favored food for Wuhan natives who like eating spicy food, such as hot duck neck, beef noodle with spicy red oil, paste rice noodle, with hot dry noodle as the most representative food. After having ...
Guo Mingyi and Lei Feng

Guo Mingyi, a seemingly or­dinary chinese man has sup­ported the schooling of more than 180 impoverished students with his mod­est income. He also initiated a “caring group” that has motivated thousands of people to engage in charitable deeds, earning him the titles “A Good Man in China” and the “Successor ...
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