Cai Min

elderly china

With a population of 1.3 billion, China is racing headlong into a tidal wave of gray hair. In 2014 China’s aged population reached 200 million, or 1 elderly person in every 7 Chinese. How to live a quality old-age life ...
Bruce Lee

Chinese Kungfu, with Taichi as one of its genres, has become a magic key for foreigners to open the door to Chinese culture. This is because it embodies the essence of Confucian, Taoist and Buddhist doctrines.
Reading in China

Reading in China is undergoing a deep transformation. Today people spend less time on reading newspapers, books and periodicals, but more time on online reading and mobile phone reading. Despite that, more than 270,000 varieties of books are published in ...
Chen Li - Gan Opera

Gan opera exist for five to six hundred years ago and has exerted great influence on more than 40 different chinese opera styles including the famous Peking opera. Now, most people who know Gan opera know the singer Chen Li.

With the overseas dissemination of Peking opera, more and more foreigners are becoming interested in Traditional Chinese operas, an art that conveys a national spiritual essence through elegance and beauty.
The Hakka Tulou

The preservation of Chinese traditional residence is in fact a memory and interpretation of the history. Adapted to the local climate and geographical features, Chinese traditional residences vary in style and abound in forms.

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