Cao Ding

Gaston Caperton

An interview with Gaston Caperton, President of U.S. College Board: "Now Chinese is the fastestgrowing of all the languages. And I think someday it will be our largest foreign language program in terms of the number of students participating in".

An Interview with Prof. Tu Wei-ming of Harvard University: "Chinese culture has three excellent qualities. First, ours is a learning culture. Second, Chinese culture is tolerant. Third, Chinese culture is a culture of dialogue".
Gene Block (UCLA)

An Interview with Gene Block, Chancellor of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA): "With China’s tremendous growth in wealth and prestige, people in the U.S. want to know more about the many facets of China".
Dennis Richardson

An Interview with Dennis Richardson, Oregon State Representative. An enthusiastic advocate of promoting Chinese study and also dedicated to the work of developing the relationship between his state and China.

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