Li Chengcheng

An interview with Galal Walker, expert in Chinese language teaching. Walker has been committed to Chinese teaching for over 30 years, and several thousand students have been trained under his guidance and instruction. He advocates learning Chinese by means of ...
Chinese Private Museums

Chinese private museums have had a tremendous growth in the last twenty years. It is estimated that of the 4,500 plus registered museums in China as many as nearly 1000 are privately owned.
A letter from home is worth ten thousand taels of gold

Family letters have a special place in the hearts of Chinese people, who have been influenced by traditional culture and are shy to express their feelings openly.

Beijing music festivals offer an opportunity for Chinese music lovers to get up close to their favourite musicians from abroad. The spacious venues, the tremendous atmosphere and the total immersion of music give music festivals a charm that other live ...

Amy Grubb started dancing at the age of four. After graduation at Royal Ballet School, she joined the Hong Kong Ballet and became a professional ballerina.

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