Liu Chang

Leon Vandermeersch

Leon Vandermeersch’s Address at the First Formal Meeting of the International Committee for the Study and Translation of the Five Canons. The Five Canons refer to the five ancient Chinese books--The Book of Poetry, The Book of History, The Book ...
Ouyang Zhongshi

Ouyang Zhongshi: "Of the numerous and valuable epitomes of Chinese culture, Chinese characters are most significant. The promotion of Chinese culture should begin with Chinese characters.”
chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine is one of the basis of the culture of China. Highly valued around the world , today is the first reason why foreigners visit China.
chinese antiques

Chinese antiques are experiencing a collector's fever. Many antique collecting associations have emerged and there are countless antique expositions. Ten millions of chinese regard collecting as investment, recreation, and the fashion.

Chinese cuisines are based in the beauty of harmony. It is also the highest aesthetic ideal of Chinese traditional culture.

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