Magazine # 11

Fauziya B. S Ilelah, Nigeria: "What fascinate me the most are Chinese fans. In the past, I would have said: isn’t fanning air the only purpose of a fan? In my own country, fans are usually made of straw. Brown ...

Hachiya Makoto from Japan, champion of the 3rd “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition for International Students Studying in China: "My way of learning Chinese is – singing Chinese songs. Back in my home in Japan we can watch Chinese satellite ...

Matthew Frigon, U.S.: "I was so glad to study at Nankai University despite my limited Chinese skills, otherwise I couldn’t start my work in China. Here, I not only learn the language but also know more about the country and ...

Wang Minfeng (Indonesia): "After studying Chinese in Indonesia for a period of time, many of the students will go to China for further study. Their attitude towards learning while living in China has been encouraging to me".

Wang Yuelin (Ethiopia): "Perhaps energized by appreciation of my effort at learning their language, the students themselves began to work even harder at Chinese".

Yao Yuhong (San Francisco, U.S.): "When a beautiful college student performed a folk song on the stage, an American youth downstage couldn't help singing with her romantic vocalization. At that moment, I thought: “Chinese culture has now flown with this ...
Dennis Richardson

An Interview with Dennis Richardson, Oregon State Representative. An enthusiastic advocate of promoting Chinese study and also dedicated to the work of developing the relationship between his state and China.
Hua’er folks songs from Northwest China

Hua’er: the sound of heaven permeating China's great Northwest. Hua’er is a music tradition shared by nine different ethnic groups. In 2009 was placed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

Entering the Laoshe Teahouse, visitors find themselves back in the old times with sonorous welcome from waiters wearing skullcaps and long gowns.
Reading in China

Reading in China is undergoing a deep transformation. Today people spend less time on reading newspapers, books and periodicals, but more time on online reading and mobile phone reading. Despite that, more than 270,000 varieties of books are published in ...

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