Magazine # 13

An Interview with Prof. Tu Wei-ming of Harvard University: "Chinese culture has three excellent qualities. First, ours is a learning culture. Second, Chinese culture is tolerant. Third, Chinese culture is a culture of dialogue".

The handcraft of paper-folding can be traced back to the Han Dynasty (202BC-AD220). Today, more and more people have taken to the craft for its easy handling skills.

Chinese Class 24. Improve every week your Chinese skills with two pages of tests, quizzes and crosswords. Download the exercises and their solutions in PDF and print and solve them at your own pace.
Spring Festival Gala

Chinese Spring Festival Gala is the only TV show in the world that can garner 1.4 billion viewers. The live broadcast, which lasts four and a half hours, includes dances, cross talk, magic shows, skits and other art performances.
Giant Panda

Th giant panda, native only to China and numbering only 1,000 or so, it is a national treasure. China’s Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding have 60 giant pandas living in the 106-hectare park,
Chinese Silk

The beauty of chinese silk is been well-known in the world, while the skills of the ancient Chinese people to create beauty has earned great appreciation. Silk weaving is a great invention of China and a cultural identification of the ...
Chinese Caligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy uses pictographic symbols, the chinese characters, that are naturally related to pictures in shape and form. Chinese characters, therefore, express meaning and have deep aesthetic significance. This is why it is said that Chinese calligraphy is “silent music ...

Guangzhou is China’s third largest city with a population of over 10 million. With a history of more than 2,000 years, today’s Guangzhou has developed into a a modern international metropolis.

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