Magazine # 17

Gaston Caperton

An interview with Gaston Caperton, President of U.S. College Board: "Now Chinese is the fastestgrowing of all the languages. And I think someday it will be our largest foreign language program in terms of the number of students participating in".
Chinese seal engraving

Chinese seal engraving is not just about engraving but rather is a perfect combination of calligraphy, composition and carving. This is truly an art that is capable of “containing many a spectacle in a square inch”.
Chinese Marriage Law

New Interpretation of Chinese Marriage makes clear that the immovable property purchased by a spouse before marriage is that spouse’s property. This interpretation sparks loud debate in the Chinese society and legal circles and people hold widely different opinions.
The game of go

Go, an ancient game that has its origins in China, remains an inexhaustible source of fascination. Playing Go exercises your mind and moulds your temperament. Like China, other Asian countries, especially Japan and Korea, also see Go prosper nationwide and ...

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