Magazine # 32

Chinese Wedding is one of the most important events in one's life and has to be taken seriously. New wedding styles are gradually becoming accepted, but retaining its traditionalistic roots.
beijing subway names

The origins of many of the Beijing’s subway stations names remain unknown. However, it is clear that some came into being because of the high number of homophones in Chinese, as well as its abundant history.

A first class of Chinese Idioms: Reading is always beneficial // To dot the eyes of the painted dragon (to add the finishing touch) // High mountains and flowing water // A broken mirror re-joined together

Beijing music festivals offer an opportunity for Chinese music lovers to get up close to their favourite musicians from abroad. The spacious venues, the tremendous atmosphere and the total immersion of music give music festivals a charm that other live ...
Do It Yourself: Vegetable Seal

With this vegetable seal, we will introduce you to the fun experience of seal engraving. Let’s make interesting seals out of ordinary foods.

Firecrackers, Noodles, Tea, Traditional medicine, seismograph, paper currency, suspension bridge, kite, subway and porcelain. The top 10 Chinese accomplishments

Studying abroad in China are now a trend among the South Koreans. They will play a central role in improving relations with China.

Chinese cuisines are based in the beauty of harmony. It is also the highest aesthetic ideal of Chinese traditional culture.

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