Magazine # 33

Belt and Road Route

In any of the countries and cities along the "Belt and Road" Route, be they large or small, we can find unique natural landscapes, rich folk customs, and various life styles and philosophies that stretch back thousands of years. As ...

Chinese Class 27. Improve every week your Chinese skills with two pages of tests, quizzes and crosswords. Download the exercises and their solutions in PDF and print and solve them at your own pace.
Chinese lacquer-ware

Chinese lacquer-ware, with a history of 7,000 years, is characterized by both antiquity and modernity, exquisiteness and magnificence. Its smoothness, beauty, elegance and splendour have always been very appealing. But nowadays the number of lacquer-ware craftsmen has fallen sharply
NO LEFTOVERS The "Clear Your Plate" campaign in China

The term “clear your plate” appeared as a new expression in China in the last few years. It means that the food on plates is eaten up, and nothing is left. These days more and more chinese believe that when ...

A multitude of Chinese share one dream: that Team China will one day win the Football World Cup.
eight treasure tea

Eight-treasure tea, which is served in a three-piece tea set consisting of a saucer, a tea bowl and a lid, is called gai-wan ‘lidded bowl’ tea. Learn how to make a nutritious bowl of this tea.

Under the influence of Confucianism, Shandong cuisine has gained a reputation for emphasising flavour, striving for harmony and retaining integrity.

According to A Global Survey on China’s International Image, the people are most familiar with the three symbols of Chinese culture: traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese food and Chinese Kung Fu

Chinese food enjoys great popularity in Britain. It has now become one of the main British staples. According to an article in Chineinfo, the documentary A Bite of China has triggered a new surge of interest in Chinese food in ...

Amy Grubb started dancing at the age of four. After graduation at Royal Ballet School, she joined the Hong Kong Ballet and became a professional ballerina.

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