Magazine # 35

In Chinese paintings, from the very beginning, there has been no concept of realistic space and artists tend to express conceptually with lines. This shows that Chinese artists have long been aware of abstraction in their observations.

The meaning of "yangsheng" (regimen) is to lengthen one’s life by maintaining and nourishing one’s body. Chinese regimen tells us how to maintain our body by following principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

Peking opera is actually a hybrid of many regional Chinese operas emerged 200 years ago, that became hugely popular. As it has incorporated elements from a broad spectrum of other operas, it is noted for its inclusiveness and is an ...

What is Confucianism? What is the core value of his philosophies? Chen Lai, Dean of the Academy of Chinese Learning at Tsinghua University, answer this question in his lecture in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Confucius Institute.

President Xi wrote a letter to extend his warm congratulations and heart-felt greetings to the 286 university presidents and Confucius Institute directors of 90 countries and regions. The complete congratulatory letter from President Xi to the global Confucius Institutes is ...

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