Magazine # 38

Museums in China -

At present there are around 5,000 museums in China and free museums can be found in every average-sized city. Statistics indicate that museums in China now receive over 600 million visits per year.
Museum of Movie Props - Exotics Chinese museums

Exotic museums are more likely to arouse people’s curiosity than the traditionals. They are tagged as being exotic mainly because they are quite unexpected. Their curators, often out of pure interest, have scouted around for rare or bizarre items that ...
Chinese Private Museums

Chinese private museums have had a tremendous growth in the last twenty years. It is estimated that of the 4,500 plus registered museums in China as many as nearly 1000 are privately owned.
Cultural relic doctors

Cultural relic doctors are increasingly demanded by the Chinese museums. The restoration of paintings or calligraphic works is a very complicated process, requiring more than 30 steps, such as demounting, underpinning, cleaning and colour restoration. All of these delicate processes ...

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