Magazine # 39

Almost everyone in Beijing has felt the enormity of the new wave of entrepreneurship in the city and has also enjoyed many of the benefits brought about by the new technologies and other innovations.

Stimulated by the favorable environment for startups, more than 10,000 new enterprises are being registered each day in China; 7 new companies per minute.
Professor Roger T. Ames

In the fields of sinology and philosophy in the Western world, Roger T. Ames is currently one of the big names. His works have have opened a new space for dialogue in philosophy and culture between China and the outside ...
Sichuan cuisine

In many people's eyes, Sichuan cuisine is tantamount to spicy food. But Sichuan also offers them a wide range of other dish choices. Besides spiciness, Sichuan dishes are also a mix of other "six tastes"— sourness, sweetness, numbness, bitterness, aroma, ...
Foreing Makers in China

Nowadays entrepreneurship is no longer a privilege of the chosen few. Start-up companies can be created at the grassroots level, and you can start whatever business you like. This situation has attracted many foreigners 'makers' to China.
My china dream

Several international students share with us their impressions about China and their "China Dream". What first comes to their mind at the mention of china? It's philosophy, history, Peking Opera, cuisine or martial arts?
entrepreneurs in China

China is developing into a paradise for entrepreneurs. Here, we would like to present a list of key terms related to starting your own business and help you understand what are the most fashionable concepts in the eyes of start-up ...

Chinese Class 31. Improve every week your Chinese skills with two pages of tests, quizzes and crosswords. Download the exercises and their solutions in PDF and print and solve them at your own pace.
Diced Chicken with Chillies

Diced Chicken with Chillies is a typical Sichuan dish. With this recipe you will easily be able to make such an enticing dish at home on your own. Join us and experience the incredible sensations of your taste buds.

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