Magazine # 45


Meditation, which originated in India and was popularized in China during the Eastern Han Dynasty, is a Buddhist practice which helps people gain full enlightenment through spiritual discipline. In recent years, meditation has become very popular in many Chinese cities.

Anveshu Reddy, India: " I want to continue to pursue my own dream. In the future, regardless of whether I return to India or continue living in China, and no matter how tough the conditions are, I will tirelessly strive ...
Chinese Tea

Chinese tea differs from person to person and era to era. Tea leaves, through different fermentation processes, become different kinds of tea. With different steeping time, temperatures, infusion methods and vessels, the possible flavors are endless. Wherever a Chinese person ...
Chinese square dancing

Chinese square dancing is a very natural type of dance, with many different formats and styles. Suitable for all ages, easy to learn, no fundament required, no partner required, no venue limitations, easy to popularize; all of these features allow ...
Chinese Development

The signal of short-term steady economic development has shown up, and the various indexes of Chinese macroeconomy are changing for the better. Article by Liu Yuanchun (National Academy of Development and Strategy, Renmin University of China)

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