Magazine # 49

Mukesh Kumar Verma

Mukesh Kumar Verma, Indian: "China and India are very similar in aspects such as traditional culture, lifestyle, interpersonal relations and family relations, which provide great possibilities for collaboration between the two countries".
Niyazmuradov lkhtiyor Bahtiyorovich

Niyazmuradov lkhtiyor Bahtiyorovich, Uzbekistan: "Chinese may be one of the most difficult languages, but if we study it diligently, then we are sure to get the hang of it. I also use little stories to teach about Chinese culture, such ...
Khantha Sawitree, Thailand

Khantha Sawitree, Thailand: "Whenever I saw it I would think of my caring and inspiring teacher, and would be reminded of my dream of learning Chinese, along with all the trials and errors I had gone through as I worked ...
Kudaibergenov Adilet

Kudaibergenov Adilet, Kyrgyz: "When Chinese students work together and look after each other on the football field, it looks as though the team is made up of brothers rather than just players."
Eliazian Lilia

Eliazian Lilia (Russia): "Chinese people are very patient, polite and friendly, so even if I couldn’t express myself they would always try their best to understand, and if worse came to worst, they’d ask me to use gestures until I ...
Muhammad Meeran Ali Shah

Muhammad Meeran Ali Shah, (Pakistan): "When I first got to China I couldn’t say a word aside from 'nihao' (hello) and 'xiexie' (thank you), but now I have virtually no problem communicating with Chinese people".
Plamen Legkostup

An interview with Professor Plamen Legkostup, former Rector of the St. Cyril and St. Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria: "In recent years, China has taken actions to protect its traditional art and the Chinese have shown a deeper respect ...
China Railway High Speed

Every day, the average number of running China Railway High-speed trains is up to over 4,200 all over the country, with the number of passengers up to over 4.5 million. High-speed railway operation kilometrage will be totaled 30,000 by 2020.

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