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Jordon Shinn, scholarship student of Confucius Institute: "China has taught me to take life as it comes and to seize each opportunity to improve myself. Learning Chinese has opened my mind to new ways of seeing the world, and the ...
Confucius Institute

Confucius Institute is a network of public nonprofit centers that promote the knowledge of Chinese culture and language throughout the world. Their tasks include language teaching, teacher training and the promotion of activities and educational exchanges.
beijing subway names

The origins of many of the Beijing’s subway stations names remain unknown. However, it is clear that some came into being because of the high number of homophones in Chinese, as well as its abundant history.

Yanis was willing to forsake the comfort of living in the city in order to learn martial arts from a master at Shaolin Temple.

The meaning of "yangsheng" (regimen) is to lengthen one’s life by maintaining and nourishing one’s body. Chinese regimen tells us how to maintain our body by following principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

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