Sun Ying

Alistair Michie

An Interview with Alistair Michie, Honorary Secretary of 48 Group Club, UK. Alistair Michie has been committed to promoting deeper communication and cooperation between UK and China for almost twenty years.
Guo Mingyi and Lei Feng

Guo Mingyi, a seemingly or­dinary chinese man has sup­ported the schooling of more than 180 impoverished students with his mod­est income. He also initiated a “caring group” that has motivated thousands of people to engage in charitable deeds, earning him ...
Tai Chi Chuan

Different from previous types of boxing, Tai Chi Chuan is featured by soft movements which appear gentle and weak, but is actually strong. During tournament, Tai Chi Chuan practitioners don’t confront the tough with toughness; rather they take advantage of ...
Jiang Kun Quyi

"Quyi is called as telling and singing art popularly. Cross talk, storytelling and traditional opera, among other art forms, fall under quyi. It makes sense to say that telling and singing art is the origin of current theatrics." Interview with ...
China's shadow play

China's shadow play enjoys a time-honored history. It could be traced back to the Han Dynasty 2,000 years ago. On top of wide circulation in China, shadow play is transmitted all across the globe. As early as in the 13th ...
Shuttlecock Kicking

Shuttlecock kicking has a time-honored history in China and enjoys wide circulation as a folk sport with distinctive features. It’s said that people in the Shang Dynasty over 3,000 years ago developed a dance of jumping while kicking, which may ...
Gongfu tea

In China's long history of tea tasting, the Chaoshan Gongfu tea ceremony is perhaps the most representative, and most glamorous, tea making technique. Now, let’s experience the charm of Chaoshan Gongfu tea.
Chinese seal engraving

Chinese seal engraving is not just about engraving but rather is a perfect combination of calligraphy, composition and carving. This is truly an art that is capable of “containing many a spectacle in a square inch”.

Let’s draw a facial makeup of the Monkey King Sun Wukong. Facial makeup is a unique formative art of Chinese operas. Facial makeup showcases the role and personality of the performer.
Shaolin Temple

Shaolin temple was built in 496 A.D. The 1982 hit film, “Shaolin Temple,” starring Jet Li, pushed this ancient temple from the secluded mountain forest onto the world stage and also closely connected the Shaolin Temple with Chinese Kungfu.

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