Sun Ying

Chinese Caligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy uses pictographic symbols, the chinese characters, that are naturally related to pictures in shape and form. Chinese characters, therefore, express meaning and have deep aesthetic significance. This is why it is said that Chinese calligraphy is “silent music ...
Paper Windmills

Paper windmills have more than 2000 years of history in China. An old saying says, "When a paper windmill is rotating, it can bring happiness and luck to people who see it". We will show you how to make a ...
Thte Tower of The Prince of Teng

The Tower of The Prince of Teng in the city of Nanchang, was first built in 653 AD, and has been rebuilt each time it was destroyed, a total of 29 times.
The Chinese ideal of family: Four generations under one roof

Chinese ideal family, four generations living together, symbolizes the ideals of harmony, happiness, longevity, and a large thriving family.

Interview with Dr. Wallace D. Loh, President of the University of Maryland.

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