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Chinese seal engraving

Chinese seal engraving is not just about engraving but rather is a perfect combination of calligraphy, composition and carving. This is truly an art that is capable of “containing many a spectacle in a square inch”.
Chinese porcelain

Chinese porcelain first developed during East Han Dynasty (25-220 AD). To make porcelain, mineral-rich clay or kaolin is fired in a kiln at temperatures of over 1,200 °C, until a layer of glaze is formed on the surface, onto which ...
Chinese lacquer-ware

Chinese lacquer-ware, with a history of 7,000 years, is characterized by both antiquity and modernity, exquisiteness and magnificence. Its smoothness, beauty, elegance and splendour have always been very appealing. But nowadays the number of lacquer-ware craftsmen has fallen sharply
chinese kites

Hundreds of Chinese kites' fans visit each year Wang Chifeng’s store in Beijing to learn the craftsmanship of traditional kites. This little shop of his has earned his family inclusion in Beijing’s “Culture and Art Families List”.
Chinese cloisonne

Chinese cloisonné is a kind of enamelware, or rather, copperware model decorated with filigree and enamel. Its craftsmanship reached its apex in the Byzantine Empire and reached China in the XIII century.
chinese clothing

Chinese clothing is the kaleidoscope of country's social life. From blue or gray on everybody to endless varieties, Chinese people’s wardrobe speaks of a fusion of tradition and modernity, reflecting a mellow contentedness that permeates their lives.

In Chinese paintings, from the very beginning, there has been no concept of realistic space and artists tend to express conceptually with lines. This shows that Chinese artists have long been aware of abstraction in their observations.
qipao: a chinese eternal classic

Qipao is representative of Chinese dress culture, resulted from the integration of costumes from many ethnic groups. In the late 1990s, began to gain world-wide popularity in the fashion industry.

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