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Nanyin is a style of Chinese classical music originating in the province of Fujian. The slow, simple and elegant melodies are performed on distinctive instruments.
Chen Li - Gan Opera

Gan opera exist for five to six hundred years ago and has exerted great influence on more than 40 different chinese opera styles including the famous Peking opera. Now, most people who know Gan opera know the singer Chen Li.
Zheng Xiaoying

Zheng Xiaoying (1929, Yongding, Fujian), was he first female symphony conductor in China. She was once the chief conductor of China National Opera House an awarded the prize “Best Conductor in China”. Her conducting style is considered enthusiastic and bold.

With the overseas dissemination of Peking opera, more and more foreigners are becoming interested in Traditional Chinese operas, an art that conveys a national spiritual essence through elegance and beauty.

Peking opera is actually a hybrid of many regional Chinese operas emerged 200 years ago, that became hugely popular. As it has incorporated elements from a broad spectrum of other operas, it is noted for its inclusiveness and is an ...

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