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Almost everyone in Beijing has felt the enormity of the new wave of entrepreneurship in the city and has also enjoyed many of the benefits brought about by the new technologies and other innovations.

Stimulated by the favorable environment for startups, more than 10,000 new enterprises are being registered each day in China; 7 new companies per minute.
Foreing Makers in China

Nowadays entrepreneurship is no longer a privilege of the chosen few. Start-up companies can be created at the grassroots level, and you can start whatever business you like. This situation has attracted many foreigners 'makers' to China.
entrepreneurs in China

China is developing into a paradise for entrepreneurs. Here, we would like to present a list of key terms related to starting your own business and help you understand what are the most fashionable concepts in the eyes of start-up ...
Spring Festival Gala

Chinese Spring Festival Gala is the only TV show in the world that can garner 1.4 billion viewers. The live broadcast, which lasts four and a half hours, includes dances, cross talk, magic shows, skits and other art performances.
2022 Winter Olympics

2022 Winter Olympics will be celebrated in Zhangjiakou and Beijing, the first ever city in Olympic history to host both the Summer and Winter Games. The Winter Olympics is now fuelling the chinese's enthusiasm for active participation in winter sports.
Internet in China

Internet in China has grown rapidly, with enormous social and economic effects that have gone beyond what people could have imagined.

The new Silk Road: A win-win path in the era of globalization. The longest economic corridor in the world, which will continue to promote the spirit of the ancient route, will cover 4.4 billion people, accounting for 63% of the ...

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