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chinese ink

The Chinese art style featuring simplicity and light color is rooted in an important and unique traditional Chinese painting, that is, ink and wash painting.
Chinese Dragons

Dragons can be found everywhere in Chinese daily life and is widely favored by Chinese people. Eastern dragons symbolize power, luck, nobility and wisdom and kindness.
Shaolin Temple

Shaolin temple was built in 496 A.D. The 1982 hit film, “Shaolin Temple,” starring Jet Li, pushed this ancient temple from the secluded mountain forest onto the world stage and also closely connected the Shaolin Temple with Chinese Kungfu.
The game of go

Go, an ancient game that has its origins in China, remains an inexhaustible source of fascination. Playing Go exercises your mind and moulds your temperament. Like China, other Asian countries, especially Japan and Korea, also see Go prosper nationwide and ...
theatre chinese

Throughout chinese history, theatre experience used to be a cultural privilege of the aristocracy. Nowadays, it has become a lifestyle of an increasing number of people.
Terracotta Warriors

The Terracotta Warriors is a collection of pottery sculptures depicting the armies of the first Chinese Emperor — Qin Shihuang (260-210 BC). The life-sized terracotta warriors are arranged in formations side by side. They are sculpted with different facial features, ...
Kun opera

Kun opera originated in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province more than 600 years ago. It is called the “Forefather of a Hundred Operas”, as it has deeply influenced many other regional Chinese operas.
Longmen Grottoes

The Longmen Grottoes complex is the largest in China, with more than 2,300 grottoes. The grottoes and niches at Longmen are an outstanding manifestation, in the largest scale, of the finest sculpture from the late Northern Wei dynasty through the ...
Chinese Songs

To sing Chinese songs well, one first has to be able to discern the different aesthetic standards for Chinese and Western music. Many people claim that all music is the same, but the famous chinese singer Yu Junjian believes there ...
chinese theatre

In China there are many university students who have set up drama societies in their love for theatre. Due to the popularity of films and television programmes, chinese people have not had much exposure to theatre, but the stage is ...

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