Zhang Lili

Wolfgang Kubin

An exclusive interview with German sinologist Wolfgang Kubin, one of the best sinologists in Germany, who not only teaches Chinese language at the University of Bonn and translates Chinese literature, but also travels frequently to China.

Chinese chopsticks are consubstantial with Chinese cuisine. According to historical records, this kind of light and convenient eating utensil dates back to more than three thousand years ago, and today follow the design used in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).
Ancient Tea-Horse Road

Ancient Tea-Horse Road is a route that had been used for thousands of years by Yunnan horse caravans to barter Sichuan and Yunnan tea for Tibetan horses.
Chinese cloisonne

Chinese cloisonné is a kind of enamelware, or rather, copperware model decorated with filigree and enamel. Its craftsmanship reached its apex in the Byzantine Empire and reached China in the XIII century.

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