The Confucius Institute Magazine revamps its app

New design and more advanced features in the revamped Confucius Institute Magazine’s app, that brings its 11 international editions.

The Confucius Institute Magazine revamps their digital editions

The mobile application of the Confucius Institute Magazine renews its design, and incorporates significant improvements. All this in a simple and intuitive application that maintains its initial goal: to provide access anywhere and anytime for all the issues of this international publication that reflects the growing world interest on Chinese culture and commerce, at the service of over 100 million students of Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language worldwide.

From the app, available on App Store and Google Play, you can download and read the magazine for free in its eleven bilingual bimonthly editions, as they were conceived in print. The initial Chinese-English edition was launched in 2009. Seven bilingual editions followed in 2010: Spanish, French, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Japanese and Thai. The latest three bilingual editions, Italian, German and Portuguese, were launched in 2014.

The Confucius Institute Magazine revamps their digital editions
You can read the magazine online from any computer at

The readers who do not have access to a tablet or smartphone, may continue to read the magazine online from any computer at, which has also recently updated its image and functionality.

This application redesign coincides with the testing launch of the magazine’s digital, which has selected the most interesting articles published in the Chinese-English edition since its inception in March 2009. The purpose of this website is to provide agile and quick access to a great amount of interesting contents generated throughout these years. The Chinese-Spanish testing website,, is also available with the best features of this edition, launched in July, 2010.

The Confucius Institute Magazine revamps their digital editions
The new webs (English) and (Spanish) select the best articles published in the Institute Confucius magazine in recent years weekly.

The app and new sites have been developed to lead the digital expansion of the different international versions, as well as their promotion in social networks.

An essential magazine to learn about the Chinese language and culture

In 2004, Hanban, the Confucius Institute Headquarters and the Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, affiliated to the Chinese Ministry of Education, opened its first Confucius Institute abroad. In just ten years 475 new Confucius Institutes and 751 Confucius Classrooms have been established in 126 countries and regions. Confucius Institutes are a network of public nonprofit centers that promote the knowledge of Chinese culture and language throughout the world. Their tasks include language teaching, teacher training and the promotion of activities and educational exchanges. Bilingual Confucius Institute Magazines were created to disseminate information concerning the Chinese language, culture and historical heritage. 

Since the first printed edition in 2009 and the first online edition in 2012, the magazine has offered a broad selection of articles about travel, nature, philosophy, anthropology, art, history, language or celebrities, supported with vibrant images and an elegant design. The magazine reports are often used as teaching material in classrooms because of their grammatical value as well as their cultural richness.

In the academic field, the magazine contains specific information for students and teachers on the teaching of Chinese language as well as news on the activity of the Confucius Institute and its centers worldwide.

The Confucius Institute Magazine revamps their digital editions
You can browse the magazine page by page, with a pop up summary and with the viewer of page thumbnails.

New look and new features

The aim of the new digital version of the Confucius Institute Magazine is making this valuable content published over the years even more accessible. Moreover, from April 15th, 2015, the brand image of the magazine on their websites, social networks and mobile applications will be updated and unified.

The Confucius Institute Magazine revamps their digital editions
The app provides access to over 200 journals published in 11 languages. The magazines have a synopsis to check the contents before downloading.

Included among the new features in the app are bilingual summaries, word search tools, the ability to share content on Facebook and Twitter and direct access to social networking and websites.

Meanwhile, the web edition offers weekly updates of its content, giving access to the large archive of relevant topics on Chinese culture and language, printed over the years in the thousands of pages of the magazine. The goal is to serve as a link between countries, provide knowledge and disseminate the best illustrated reports about ancient cultural treasures of China, a country that has a major role in the course of this century.


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