Tiffany Mounibu: “Making Salted Duck Eggs”

Tiffany Mounibu: “Two weeks ago, we made salted duck eggs with our Chinese teacher. Everyone got an egg, and we were all really happy. We gave our eggs names: I named my duck egg Pichnetta, and my friend Sheemane’s Pichneta. They’re twins. But our teacher told us that we had to be away from the eggs for two weeks, to let them grow. Then we were sad, but we did as our teacher said”

Salted duck eggs

Finally it was time to see how the eggs had changed. I saw Pichnetta swimming on the water with Pichnetta. They were so cute! I was proud of them for having this ability, since they were still so small. I don’t think they would have had any difficulty swimming on the ocean, because the water they were swimming on was already pretty salty. After a while, I put my little egg on fresh water to swim. Our teacher used natural gas to heat the water a little, so that the eggs wouldn’t get cold. Ten minutes later, the duck eggs finished all of their exercises. I could finally take mine out and hold it. I really couldn’t wait.

To me, there is nothing greater in the world than designing clothes for Pichnetta. Don’t you think that it would just be so perfect to show a wonderfully dressed duck egg to your parents and people around you?

My children and I were really happy thatday. I think the children felt the same as I did.


Published in Confucius Institute Magazine
Number 50.
 Volume III. May 2017.

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